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The VAT IT group.

The VAT IT CA trainees have the opportunity to rotate across several different divisions within the group, as well as different departments within the divisions.  Explore some of the different VAT IT divisions here. 

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Playroll is an employer of record, using its experience and global infrastructure to help current and future multinationals to dissolve the admin, effort and cost barriers to global payroll and business expansion.
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TecEx Medical is an Importer of Record and Exporter of Record, and Customs Compliance Specialist with various value-added services, offering you a bespoke service solution in the clinical trial space.
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The VAT IT Group is the largest RegTech company in the world. A world-leading service provider within VAT reclaim, compliance, and corporate regulation. We service 20 000 clients including more than 50% of the Fortune 500 companies. We have over 40 wholly owned businesses worldwide, servicing clients in 107 countries.
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Zee is a Global Trade Compliance, Import Compliance, and Logistics specialist for advanced e-commerce and Amazon sellers looking to expand their business globally.
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TecEx provides a specialized IOR and compliance service for companies dealing with Tech Equipment, giving you access to 200+ destinations globally without the legal or financial risk.
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As world leaders in withholding tax recovery services, WTax navigates the complex world of cross border investment tax on behalf of our clients, making recovery simple, efficient and effective.
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VAT IT Reclaim is at the centre of a massive and complex industry and has earned the reputation as the trusted and world’s leading service provider in tax reclaim and compliance. Leveraging our proprietary software and cloud-based platforms, VAT IT Reclaim delivers our premium service to over 13,000 clients.