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The Great Resignation: What Does It Mean for CAs(SA)?  

The Great Resignation isn’t getting any greater, but it isn’t shrinking, either. The Big Quit has had a significant impact on the accountancy profession in the US. Closer to home, what has the effect on the profession been? We look into it in our latest article.

What Makes CAs Such Great Entrepreneurs?  

Ever heard of the term “accountrepreneur”? Well, there’s a reason it exists. CAs(SA) are in a great position to become successful entrepreneurs – especially with the right mentorship. Now, let’s answer the question: what makes CAs such great entrepreneurs?

Four Must-Have Apps Every Future CA Needs For Studying 

The stress of studying for accounting exams is real. Whether you’re beginning to prepare for the APC in December or if you’re swotting for a varsity accounting exam, the sheer amount of information that you need to absorb is overwhelming. We’ve rounded up our top four apps that every future CA needs for studying.

Off The TOPP Of Her Head: An Interview With Amy Messer   

What better way to understand a TOPP program than to speak to somebody who has experienced it firsthand? UJ alumna and VAT IT employee Amy Messer shares her personal experience doing her articles in Commerce and Industry to help aspirant CAs(SA) make the right choice for their own journeys.