Four Must-Have Apps Every Future CA Needs For Studying 

As the APC and  ITC exams loom closer, exams are back on every future CA’s mind right now.  

So, how do you study successfully for an exam? Believe it or not, there’s an app for that. There are several, in fact. If you’re stressed out of your mind about the boards or any other accounting exam, we’ve got you covered! Our latest blog will guide you through our top four picks of study apps that every CA student needs.  

Get into organised motion with Notion  

Since the world of business so forcefully migrated into online spaces two years ago, the market is spilling over with productivity apps and team management platforms which promise to get things organised. Of all of these, our top pick is Notion

And we’ll tell you why! Notion is super customisable, so it’s as simple or as complex as you need it to be. Use it to break down and plan your study sessions into a date- and time-specific roadmap. If you’re part of a study group, use it to plan study sessions and share resources from one locale. If you’re studying remotely, use it to organise your digital resources like you would file your handwritten notes in a binder. 

Notion is great because it is so pliable for users. Check out their template gallery to see what you can make of it for yourself. It’s like the Play-Doh of organisational tools! Teams from corporations like Figma, Loom, and Match Group all use Notion to organise their teams and track their projects.  

Trust the pros on this one – it’s the best app out there for organising projects and keeping resources in one, centralised location! 

Free yourself from distraction with Freedom  

We’ve all been there. You’ve got your notebook open. A bowl full of study snacks and freshly brewed coffee are within reach. You pick up your phone to check the time, and…you’re on Instagram. That’s okay. You put your phone away in a drawer.  

With renewed concentration, you return to your desk and prepare to begin studying for real. You open up your browser to begin studying and…you’re on Instagram.  

Procrastination is one of the hardest things to overcome when you’re studying. Plus, since we work almost exclusively from our devices, it’s almost too easy to turn a “five-minute study break” into a four-hour retrospective deep dive into the Tiger King Wikipedia page with an episode of Love Island on the side.  

Locking your phone away doesn’t always help. Sometimes, you need a taskmaster that will prevent you from accessing your biggest time-wasters from your mobile and your desktop. That’s where Freedom comes in!  

Freedom is an app and website blocker that operates on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Chrome. At the moment, it’s used by over 2,000,000 people to reclaim their focus and boost productivity.  

Freedom works for as long as you ask it to. So, if you set the timer for an hour, it will only block the apps and sites that you’ve asked it to for an hour. It’s an intuitive way to time your study blocks and schedule social media breaks without allowing yourself to fall into a doomscrolling hole.  

You don’t have to take our word for it. The super productive folks over at Ivy-league universities like Stanford and Harvard use Freedom to optimise their academic pursuits. So, why don’t you?  

Quizlet is the biz-ness for effective recall  

If you’ve ever used flashcards as a study method, then you’re going to love Quizlet. Flash cards are a proven method to improve recall in a short amount of time. That’s what every accounting student needs to hear right now!  

When you’ve got vast amounts of information that you need to retain for recall in exam conditions (ahem, that’s you!), then Quizlet is an excellent resource. Use it to create your own electronic flashcards and test yourself and your peers on your knowledge retention.  

Here are some questions that you might put on a Quizlet flashcard:  

  • What is the difference between a profit and loss statement and a balance sheet?  
  • What do companies need to provide every year in accordance with the Companies Act of 2006?  
  • What is the purpose of a cash flow statement?  

Quizlet doesn’t just offer flashcards. They also feature an AI Learning Assistant and new, expert explanations in a variety of fields. Whether you’re a last-minute crammer or a long-term planner, Quizlet is designed to help you retain the information that you need to ace your exam.  

Full transparency? You’ll want Transparent Note 

Quick caveat: Transparent Note is currently only available for Mac users. If you don’t have a Mac computer, then you’re going to have to wait for the release of an updated version!  

Transparent Note is a game-changer for people who like to type up their notes. It’s like a smarter version of the built-in Apple Notes App. However, Transparent Note is – you guessed it – transparent. Like most notes apps, it hovers over the window that you’re working in.  

But, the difference is that you can adjust the transparency so that you can take notes without losing visibility of the page below. No more switching between your notes and your note-taking app! Now, you can just focus on taking your notes and enjoy uninterrupted studying.  

Another fabulous feature is the option to fix Transparent Note in place. So, even when you’re switching between windows, your current note will stay in place. You’ll never lose your train of thought while switching between windows ever again.  

There is a free version of the app, but it only allows you to save one note at a time. The premium version allows you to save as many notes as you please. You can also colour code your notes to organise them into your private study system.  


We know how stressful it is to prepare for accounting exams, especially the boards. But, with the right study tools and, more importantly, the right mindset, you are going to smash those exams! Consistency, dedication, and balance are key. Good luck! 

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